Gallery Kunst aan de Kade moved from Grand Cafe Verderop, Westvest 9, Delft, to
Society Het Meisjeshuis (HMH), Oude Delft 112, 2611 CG Delft, the Netherlands
Heart of Delft Center.

Bikkel would like to thank the owner of Grand Café Verderop, Roley Zoetrum, for the really great hospitality that Galerie Kunst aan de Kade has enjoyed since 2012 to 2018. The cooperation was fantastic as well as the delicious meals from chef Montasser. A beautiful video made by Isiris about exhibition Kunst aan de Kade 58, last exhibition at Grand Cafe Verderop.

The NEW exhibition place is Society Het Meisjeshuis. It is a meeting place for people who give meaning to Delft in an exciting, honest and special way. During the week there are regular meetings and activities in the cultural, philosophical, social and historical areas and connections are made between, for example, technology and music or politics and philosophy. Many thanks to colleague artist Brighart who pointed out this opportunity!

The club is located in a historic house with a historic garden in the heart of Delft.
The Society is open every Wednesday and Friday from 5 pm to 9 pm.
Every Wednesday around 7 p.m. there is a meal in which you can participate.

HMH, together with Bikkel, will assess the suitability of the artworks. The exhibited works of art have added value and fit into the atmosphere of the sociable halls.
For viewings of the exhibition outside of the opening hours, agreements can be made at times that fit in with the planning of the HMH.

It is possible to register at the following exhibitions:
1. Kunst aan de Kade 60. From 10 August to 9 November 2018
2. SINT MAARTEN, KadK 61. From 9 November to 8 February 2019. Intention: to help artists from St. Maarten by giving them an exhibition place in NL.

You are cordially invited to register for one of these exhibitions to Please indicate as soon as possible.

“Kunst aan de Kade Group” (KKG). Artists who have exhibit at Gallery Kunst aan de Kade are invited to join this group of artists.  A photo of your work, your website and the vision on your work will be visible on website during one year.





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