Gallery Kunst aan de Kade is an initiative of Bikkel Artist. She is graduated in 2002 at the University of Professional Education Rotterdam, The Netherlands/ Willem de Kooning Academy, with exceptional exam. She started Gallery Kunst aan de Kade in 2004 on a 1000 m2 boat in Wijnhaven, Rotterdam. From 2007 till 2012 Gallery Kunst aan de Kade continues at Coopvaert, later named Fjord.

Gallery Kunst aan de Kade housed from 2007 till 2012 at Coopvaert, later named Fjord, Rotterdam

Gallery Kunst aan de Kade housed from 2012 till 2018 at Verderop, Delft

In 2018, Gallery Kunst aan de Kade gets a new home!!! Bikkel is invited via Brighart, by organizers Len and Jan, to install Gallery Kunst aan de Kade at Association Het Meisjeshuis, Oude Delft 112, Delft. So after exhibition Kunst aan de Kade 58 at Grand Café Verderop, Westvest 9, there will come an end to an exceptionally nice and pleasant period. In which a fantastic collaboration with owner Roley Zoetrum and with his cook Mutaz, will become a cherished memory.

Gallery Kunst aan de Kade housed from 2018 at Het Meisjeshuis, Delft

At Gallery Kunst aan de Kade, curator Bikkel brings Artists together who among others work at International level. Professional artists exhibit together with artists who still have to find their way into the art world. Gallery Kunst aan de Kade would like to be an exhibition place for both exhibiting artists. Because such an exhibition area is urgently needed. This creates an interaction between the different viewpoints with cultural aspects. Ideas are confronted with each other. At the Gallery, artists, art lovers, buyers and other interrested public meet each other.

KKG – Kunst aan de Kade Group                                                                                                  Gallery Kunst aan de Kade start on April 2016 a KKG group (Kunst aan de Kade Group). ALL participants who joined Kunst aan de Kade exhibitions since 2004, are invited to become KKG member. Membership 50 euro for one year. Starting day of payment. KKG Members get their name, photo of one artwork plus link to their website at www.kunstaandekade.com. KKG members are invited to use KKG logo on own website. KKG 2017 Members are: Bikkel, Cornelius, Saskia Huitema, Ellen Kuijl, Winnifred Bastian.


NEWS                                                                                                                                              Promotional video for World Art Games Netherlands (WAG NL):                                            http://https://youtu.be/TJLO2q3iHow   Made by Jorrit Wiersma and Jasmijn Gerritsen.                 Location: Gallery Kunst aan de Kade, Delft – NL. Published on May 7th 2017

Interview on stadsradio Delft, May 19th, 2018

Gallery Kunst aan de Kade is invited to speak about special BIENNALE exhibitions at Stadsradio Delft. Bikkel invited all AWARD winners to join her at Stadsradio Delft: Loes van der Holst (2011), Shahaila Winklaar (2013), Renee Middelkoop (2015), Saskia Huitema (2017). With many thanks to Herman de Bruin and colleagues for spectacular invitation!

SOLD                                                                                                                                                                 At International Exhibition Kunst aan de Kade 47. Artwork of JHWM SCHREUDER VAN DE COOLWIJK, 1868-1962                                                                                                                                         At International Exhibition Kunst aan de Kade 46. Artwork of CORNELIUS.                                          At Exhibition Kunst aan de Kade 44.  Artwork of WILLY DORELEIJERS.

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Founder and Curator Gallery Kunst aan de Kade, Delft